Legaliaspain | English speaking law firm in Spain

Legaliaspain is a Spain based law firm formed by highly experienced registered lawyers, solicitors and tax advisors with a broad experience advising foreign companies, individuals and investors who require legal services in Spain.

After many years of practising law in international top firms, its founders realized that despite a large number of law firms in Spain, very few are able to understand the needs of foreign companies, individuals and investors who require legal services in Spain.

We provide legal and tax services to foreign companies and individuals, in their language, with a personal and humble approach. Our experience advising international clients carrying out business in Spain makes us able to understand your needs better than anyone. On top of that, all our fees are closed and target-oriented, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Being an international law firm we focus on business in Spain matters (corporate law, company transactions, foreign company registration), property law affairs (conveyancing services, commercial leases, etc.), tax advice, probate, estates and wills and many more.

Legal and Tax Services

A great part of our expertise comes from advising international companies and investors carrying out business in Spain. This advice is covers all the legal and tax aspects of the business and is provided on all the stages depending on the needs of the client.

This could involve assisting a client to incorporate a company, register a branch or a subsidiary company in Spain, carrying out tax or legal due diligence on a business the client is targeting (i.e. restaurant, hotel, resort, a commercial venue…), obtaining a license to initiate a business in Spain, invest in a Spanish company as a venture capitalist, advising on the creation of a shareholders agreement and many more.

Company formation in Spain

We are experts setting up legal structures in Spain specializing in providing legal advice to investors, startups and foreign companies intending to implement businesses in Spain.

This includes related services such as advice on creating shareholders agreements, obtaining licenses, brand registration, etc.

Branch Office Registration

To those already up and running businesses and companies overseas, we provide branch office registration services and advice to enter the Spanish market with full guarantees.

Ancillary services to branch office registration, such as tax advice and representation, payroll and legal compliance services are included in this category.

Corporate Related Services

As corporate lawyers, we carry out a vast amount of different corporate-related services.

Statutory corporate compliance services, company secretary, resolution of boardroom and shareholders disputes, commercial agreements, corporate transactions and operations, food and beverage businesses, commercial venues…

Conveyancing in Spain

Conveyancing is the concept which refers to the legal title transfer from one person or entity to another. In other words: The legal process of buying and selling a property.

Legaliaspain has a broad experience in conveyancing services in Spain, having concluded hundreds of transactions all over Spain both for commercial or residential purposes.

For total clarity and in order to avoid unpleasant surprises for the client our fees in conveyancing services are flat and adapted to the type of property and the needs of the client.

We also keep a category in our articles section with very useful information in which we discuss conveyancing in Spain matters which you can visit by clicking on this link.

Probate, Estates and Wills

Inheriting assets in a foreign country is a sensible and complicated matter to deal with. Language barriers, distance and ignorance of the foreign regulations make almost mandatory appointing an expert solicitor to assist us along the process.

At Legaliaspain we have a team of expert probate solicitors and tax advisors with a broad experience dealing with inheritance matters and wills with a cross-border component.

As in most of the areas in our firm our fees for applying for probate and dealing with an inheritance in Spain are flat, meaning that you will have the certainty of what you will end up paying upon conclusion of your case.

We also keep a category in our articles section called Probate, Estates and Wills in Spain where you can find very useful information that will help to solve some of your questions.

Tax Services

None of the services above could be well furnished without the monitoring and the knowledge of an expert tax advisor. Our tax team is formed by lawyers, tax advisors and accountants with over a decade of experience in working with companies and foreign investors and individuals.

  • Personal Tax Services

    Tax filing and tax planning for Spanish tax residents, non-residents holding interests in Spain and investors looking to carry out businesses in Spain.

    • Personal Income Tax Impuesto sobre la Renta de las Personas Físicas (IRPF)

    • Non-Resident Income Tax Impuesto sobre la Renta de No Residentes (IRNR)

    • Wealth Tax Impueso sobre el Patrimonio (IP)

    • Foreign Assets Declaration Declaración sobre bienes y derechos situados en el extranjero (Modelo 720)

    We also provide advice and tax filing services on other transactions related to property transactions and inheritances.

    • Transfer Tax Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales (ITP)

    • Stamp Duty Tax Actos Jurídicos Documentados (AJD)

    • Inheritance and Donations Tax Impuesto sobre Sucesiones y Donaciones (ISD)

  • Business Tax Services

    Tax filing and tax compliance for Spanish companies and non-resident entities (branches and non-resident companies).

    • Corporate Income Tax Impuesto sobre Sociedades (IS)

    • Non-Resident Income Tax Impuesto sobre la Renta de No Residentes (IRNR)

    • VAT Tax Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido (IVA)

    • Transfer Tax Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales (ITP)

    • Stamp Duty Tax Actos Jurídicos Documentados (AJD)

    As part of our tax compliance services, we carry out regular accounting for SMEs, payroll services, statutory bookkeeping records and annual accounts filing with the Spanish Companies House Registro Mercantil, mandatory for all Spanish entities and Spanish branches.

Why Legaliaspain?

Getting surrounded by the best lawyers and tax advisors is mandatory if you want your interests to be defended with the higher professional standards.

Here are some good reasons why Legaliaspain could be the perfect option when choosing a law firm to represent your interests in Spain.

  • Only bar registered solicitors working for you

    At Legaliaspain we can guarantee that the person with whom you will be talking and who ultimately will be in charge of your case is i. a registered solicitor or tax advisor, ii. with over a decade of professional experience and the required background to deal with your case providing the highest professional standards and iii. holder of the needed authorisation to the professional exercise.

  • Our firm is authorised by the Spanish solicitors association

    This might not seem much at first but, being a law firm registered with the Spanish solicitors association, gives you the certainty that rules must be followed within our organisation and that the needed insurances are in place just in case any member of our firm incurrs in professional misconduct.

    This is something not all legal services providers in Spain can guarantee, as some of them are not registered as law firms and therefore lack the rules and insurances deemed to exercise the legal profession.

  • Flat fees to avoid unpleasant surprises

    We acknowledge the importance of being transparent and clear to our clients and that applies not only to the communications with them but also to the fees applicable for the legal services.

    Our approach is applying a fixed fee policy to avoid unpleasant surprises, this way you are 100% certain of what you will be paying for the service.

  • English speaking professionals available for you at all times

    Our lawyers, solicitors and tax advisors are proficient English speakers which would guarantee that you do not get lost in translation along the way. They are reachable on the phone and email without the need of previous appointment.

  • Distant representation via power of attorney for your comfort

    By appoiting us as you attorneys-in-law in Spain we can represent your interests and complete your case avoiding you the hazard of having to travel to Spain unless you want to.

  • Over a decade of experience

    Many years of experience as international lawyers in Spain will most likely mean that the professionals in charge of your case would have advised dozens of clients in similar cases to yours and that they will be two steps ahead visualizing potential pitfalls.

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