L ooking to setting up a company in Spain?

At Legaliaspain we specialize in:

Company formation and legal structures implementation

Corporate management for companies and legal entities

Tax services for private companies (accounting, tax filing and bookkeeping)

Advise implementing businesses in Spain and franchises in Spain

Shareholders and boardroom disputes

Advise and draft of commercial agreements (lease contracts, franchises, distribution, agency, etc.)

Brand registration and license registration for commercial venues

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    Business in Spain | Setting up a company

    Spain offers many investment incentives such as being one of the leading economies in the EU; a highly competitive market; interesting tax schemes in certain territories (i.e. Canary Islands); the condition of EU state member; connections with the middle east, north Africa and Latin America, etc.

    Within the options available to foreign investors to carry out business in Spain setting up a company is one of the most popular, given that a company can act with equal rights and obligations as any other natural person while, generally speaking, keeping the liability of its shareholders protected from the company’s debts.

    Setting up a company in Spain is a fairly straightforward process and do not differ much from those set out by other jurisdictions in the EU or OECD countries. The whole process can be generally completed in two to eight weeks, depending on the structure of the company. Proper legal knowledge and management skills can accelerate this term considerably.

    The most recognizable types of limited liability companies in Spain are

    • Limited Liability Company Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada (SL); and
    • Public limited company Sociedad Anónima (SA).

    Normally SMEs stick to the Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada as it is the most common type of company in Spain due to the simplicity of its managements, amount of capital needed for incorporation and the limited liability offered to its shareholders.

    How can we assist you along the process of setting up a private company in Spain?

    • NIE / NIF number obtention

      NIE / NIF number obtention

      An essential requirement for setting up a company in Spain is obtaining a Numero de Identificación de Extranjero NIE number for a natural person, or a Número de Identificación Fiscal NIF number for the foreign entity that would become a shareholder or director in the newly formed company.

      Further information on what an NIE number / NIF number is and how can be obtained can be found in our FAQs section.

    • Articles of association and incorporation deed

      Articles of association and incorporation deed

      Drafting the articles of association taylored to the needs of the business project is essential when creating a company in Spain. Founding capital, shareholders, company address, object, duration, internal management, directors and shareholders meetings, etc. are key elements in a company.

      We can sign the incorporation deed on your behalf to avoid you the hassle of travelling to Spain to carry out the incorporation formalities.

    • Spanish VAT number obtention

      Spanish VAT number obtention

      Once the company is been incorporated registration with the tax office is mandatory to obtain a Spanish VAT number (NIF number) also known as a TIN number in other countries.

      Our tax advisors will register your company and obtain a VAT number or an intra communitary VAT number depending on the needs of your company.

    • Accounting, tax filing and bookkeeping

      Accounting, tax filing and bookkeeping

      Once the company is been incorporated registration with the tax office it will be required to a minimum set of tax compliance and bookkeeping formalities.

      At Legaliaspain we can take care of the accounting, tax filing and bookkeeping of you company and help you understanding what is required.

    • Shareholders agreements

      Shareholders agreements

      In the case that a company is a startup and has multiple shareholders, it is highly advisable having a shareholders agreement in place to set up the guidelines of internal management, capital funding and contributions, resolution of disputes, exit strategies, investment plans, etc. 

      Our corporate lawyers would be able to advice and assist you drafting the document to guarantee the success of your company.

    At Legaliaspain we proud ourselves of having incorporated thousands of companies, advising our clients based on their intentions when starting a business in Spain.

    In the following link you can access a comprehensive guide on how to create a business in Spain which might come in handy to those startups, investors or foreign companies interested in setting up a company in Spain for business or investment purposes.

    Why choosing Legaliaspain to start a business in Spain?

    • English speaking solicitors and tax advisors at your disposal at all times
    • Power of attorney representation for your distance comfort
    • Only registered solicitors and tax advisors working in your case
    • Complete assistance in business related matters and other legal areas such as real estate, tax and litigation
    • Flat fee services for total clarity and transparency

    What our customers say about us

    The professionals at Legaliaspain were an excellent choice for us. They completed our case with the highest standards providing all the information we needed at every stage.

    They were also willing to walk the extra mile helping us with those very important loose ends we did not bear in mind. We would definitely recommend them.

    Feras Hosni Investor and general manager of Libanou Management SL