L ooking for an English speaking expert lawyer to attend to your needs in Spain?

The Legaliaspain team of conveyancing solicitors and tax advisors can assist you in:

Acquisition and sale of any type of property in Spain

Real estate due diligence

Drafting and negotiation of all types of property agreements (lease agreements, mortgages, loans)

Advice on urbanistic law, land development and zoning related matters

Tax advice on property transactions

Estate valuation, distribution and location

Eviction and court related procedures

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    Conveyancing in Spain

    Either if you are buying or selling a property it is recommended to get surrounded by the best professionals before taking any action.

    At Legaliaspain we proud ourselves of having successfully concluded hundreds of transactions over the years, being one of the top firms in property law and conveyancing in Spain.

    Our solicitors and tax advisors are English speaking bar association registered who will look after your interests with independency and the highest professional standards for your peace of mind.

     Contrato de arras

    The presale agreement aka contrato de arras is the agreement by which a down payment on account of the final price is given to the seller. It is essential that an independent experienced solicitor drafts this document following the information shed by the due diligence.

    Whatever is agreed in the contrato de arras will govern the relationship between the parties until the conclusion of the transaction.

    The contrato de arras should be in all cases drafted by the purchaser’s solicitor to guarantee the fairness of the deal.

    Due diligence

    The due diligence is the process where the solicitors audit the property to disclose any potential pitfalls to the purchaser’s interests.

    Any proper due diligence in Spain must carefully study:

    • Who the owners are and their faculties to transfer the property;
    • The information contained in the land registry and whether it coincides with physical conditions of the property;
    • The physical condition of the property;
    • The existance of encumbrances (mortgages, easements, reservations, seizures…);
    • Existence of leases and third parties pre-emption rights;
    • Good standing certificates of real estate taxes and contributions due by the previous owner;
    • Water, electricity and other utility contracts.


    The closing is the final stage of the transaction where the parties sit down before the notary to sign the deed of transfer.

    At Legaliaspain we can represent you in this final stage via a power of attorney and avoid you the trip so by the time you come to pick up the keys to your property all the work is been completed.


    One key element of conveyancing is knowing how much you will spend in taxes and if you could benefit from a tax scheme to lower the taxation in the transaction.

    The tax advisors at Legaliaspain will be able to guide you through this process so you can maximize your investment.

    Investing in Spain

    Those interested in investing in Spain puchasing a property can benefit from better taxation and improved guarantees by creating an investment vehicle such as a private company.

    At Legaliaspain we are also corporate law experts and will help you maximize your investment by providing the best advice.

    Conveyancing in Spain usually triggers so many questions to the buyer as well as to the seller

    • What paperwork do I need to purchase a property in Spain?
    • What do I need in order to get a mortgage?
    • Do I need a solicitor to assist me along the process?
    • What are the potential risks and pitfalls during the process?
    • How long does the process take to complete?
    • How much money should I deliver as a down payment?
    • What are the documents to check for in due diligence?
    • What are the taxes due to owning property in Spain?
    • Where can I find properties for sale?
    • What are the taxes due to buying or selling property in Spain?
    • What are the guarantees when purchasing a property in Spain?
    • How can I transfer property in Spain to my child or spouse?

    These questions and many more have been responded in the article we created Conveyancing in Spain: 7 keys to succeed. In a different article called Selling a property by the non-resident: The 3% withholding tax we discuss on the taxes due when foreign tax residents sell any type of property in Spain. All these articles and some other useful ones can be found in our articles section.

    At Legaliaspain we proud ourselves of having successfully completed hundreds of transactions on behalf of our clients. If you are thinking of purchasing or selling a property in Spain our solicitors and tax advisors will be glad to assist you along the process. Do not hesitate to contact us in the contact form below for a free quotation of service.

    Why choosing Legaliaspain as your conveyancing firm in Spain?

    • English speaking solicitors and tax advisors available at your disposal at all times
    • Power of attorney representation for your distance comfort
    • Only registered solicitors and tax advisors working in your case
    • Complete assistance in other legal areas such as corporate law, litigation or wills and probates if needed throughout the process
    • Beginning to end intervention for your peace of mind
    • Over a decade experience in the Spanish market with hundreds of successfully completed transactions

    What our customers say about us

    The professionals at Legaliaspain were an excellent choice for us. They completed our case with the highest standards providing all the information we needed at every stage.

    They were also willing to walk the extra mile helping us with those very important loose ends we did not bear in mind. We would definitely recommend them.

    Feras Hosni Investor and general manager of Libanou Management SL