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In this article, we analyse seven key points when conveyancing in Spain, with special emphasis on some essential elements such as the contrato de arras.

When a company based in the EU sends employees to work in Spain, they must adhere to specific rules and conditions. In this article we take a quick look to the conditions the company must adhere to.

The new Beckham Law scheme opens the door to remote workers and digital nomads benefitting from this scheme.

Under the Law 8/1975 whenever a British is purchasing a property in certain parts of Spain, they require a special permit from the Spanish Ministry of Defence. In this article, we discuss the details of this authorisation.

The Spanish Registro de Empresas Acreditadas (REA) is a compulsory administrative register for companies working in Spain in the construction sector.

Reporting your Bitcoin in your Spanish tax return may seem controversial. We shed some light on the matter and give response to some questions.

The Golden Visa allows non-EU foreigners (outside the EU) obtaining residency in Spain by investing in the country.

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