I f your company is undertaking works in Spain it must attain REA registration

What Legaliaspain can do for you:

A specialized team of corporate attorneys who will assist your company attaining REA registration

Take part in the works in Spain right away once the application is filed

Be sure that your company comply with the local regulations

Certify the quality in the prevention of occupational risks in your company

File the application through us without having to travel to Spain prior to the start of the works

Assistance in other areas regarding business matters and tax compliance

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    Registro de Entidades Acreditadas | REA

    The Spanish Registro de Empresas Acreditadas (REA) is a compulsory administrative register for companies working in Spain in the construction and fit-out sector. Regardless of whether it is a local or a foreign company, the function of REA registry is to certify that the companies involved in this field comply with the requirements of capacity and quality in the prevention of occupational risks.

    Registration in REA register is carried out at the labour authority of the region (Comunidad Autónoma) where the company usually operates or is going to carry out its first provision of services in Spain. However, this registration is valid throughout the national territory and allows companies included in the register to work in the construction sector as contractors or subcontractors anywhere in Spain.

    The Spanish Ministry of Labour provides a search in the register where anyone can see if a company is registered for REA, and that includes foreign entities. This public registry can be consulted in the following link: REA search.

    Having a legal expert to handle the process on your behalf is essential; gathering the needed paperwork, processing the translations, and having a contact person who can respond to any question is key.

    At Legaliaspain we are assisting foreign companies attaining REA in Spain almost on a weekly basis. Our experience over the years crystallizes in a quick, simple process where we handle all the necessary for your registration remotely.

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